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Mom At Last

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 Thanks for

being here!

My name is Vanessa.

I’m @mom.atlast as a blogger

and when I have time to vlog,

Welcome To the B-Hive! 

I do completely random things

but behind that, all I really want is to

freeze amazing moments,

spread positivity and

raise the good vibrations around me.


I'm always in awe of nature and how it can be

the best cure for almost anything.

I feel like it's my mission to make

this gift known by advocating clean beauty,

self - care and  love for Earth.

It may seem like a meager attempt

to try and change the world,

but I know there's many of us who'd dare to try.

And together, we can do so much.


What about we start doing

something good for our skin

and the planet we live in?





Here's something wonderful for you, your family,

and your friends!


Grateful for where I'm at

Excited about where I'm going

but still craving for a life

filled with more magic.

Let this blog take us there!


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