Active Joint Critical Protect: Health and Life Insurance for You and your Loved One

Picture perfect days

Good weather. Mood. Outfit. Setting. Health.

Who doesn't want that?

While we can only wish we can have this everyday for the rest of our lives, as a mom and wife, a daughter and a sibling, we have to be proactive in making sure we are taking good care of our family. But how great could that be if on the process, we are able to take care of our selves as well?

What a relief to know Philam Life is championing that cause. With their recently launched Active Joint Critical Protect, we can now protect our loved ones from any untoward incidents while also taking care of ourselves.

[A] health and life insurance for two that allows [you] to jointly safeguard [yourself] and a loved one—be it spouse, parent, sibling or child—against serious diseases or untoward events.

What does AJCP provide?

Philam Vitality is a wellness programme that helps you live healthy so you won’t get sick, helps you recover from sickness in case you do, and continue until your older years as long as you stay in good health.

Beyond protection, investment and savings, Philam Vitality raises the bar and gives unprecedented living benefits that reward members for being healthy via their health and fitness partners .

Heart attack, stroke, cancer, end stage lung disease, coronary artery bypass, cardiomyopathy, heart valve replacement, primary pulmonary artery hypertension, kidney disease, total and permanent disability due to critical illness (up to age 65 of the older insured).

Through this product, Philam Life aims to inspire Filipinos to live better by living healthier not just through diet and exercise, but also through managing our way to financial security. Philam Life believes that these are the aspects we should focus on to protect our holistic well being, so that we feel secure about our own and our loved one's future.

That way, we get to live worry-free and healthier, thus, we get to #LiveBetter.

The brains behind PhilAm Life: Ten Paras, Leo Tan, Bernadette Chincuanco

PhilAm Life Active Joint Critical Protect Ambassadors: Nico Bolzico, Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, Mond Guttierez

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