All Home: One-stop shop for your home

5 more minutes til I’m late for the Home Styling Principles workshop and my battery is running low at 30%. I brought my power bank but left the cable. So, how am I gonna go big when it seems like the only place I need to go is home?

Patay. I heard AllHome is an exquisite supermarket with an in-house bakery and a cafe. That's more likely to energize me not my phone's battery.

So I entered the store, and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff, and long before they could assist me, an in-the-know security guard has already answered my query.

While I was speeding to the second level, I sighted a few interesting things at the ground floor.



BAKERY (it's hard to miss this one)

- APPLIANCES meaning ... ELECTRONICS. woohooo

I registered for the event first and found out I made it on time! So quickly, along with my lovely friend Rachelle we went for the cable wire and since it’s hard to just ignore all the fancy and neat things inside the store, we weren’t able to help ourself from checking out and instagramming the place. We’re not late and we have, ehem, battery anyway!

Wow, there’s actually a whole lot more All Home has under their roof. Like really, ALL things HOME: Plumbing section, hardware, tiles selection, sanitarywares, electrical. appliances, outdoor living, name it. They are all neatly set up and strategically positioned.

We also passed by the super market. I haven't had the chance to check it yet but I heard there are special sections for keto diet, organic produce, paluto and woah. That only means I need to schedule one whole day for ALL Day ASAP.

And there's an area for kids where the littles can play around while we're all lost in the (scarcely, if there's any) thrill of adulting. Can you imagine we were able to take a quick look of all these areas in just one quick stroll without getting late for the workshop. Clearly, all the things you’ll need at home are neatly and easily accessible in All Home.

One stop shop for your home? Indeed!

So going back to the home styling principles workshop, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio roused our creative juices by letting us design and decorate a table of our choice using any pieces we can find in the whole place.

The best part is, there were no limits, no budget constraints whatsoever. We can freely get any home improvement item we fancy be it sliverware, vases, plants, lounge, carpet, anything we can use to bedeck our respective tables. Like pinterest-ing in real life.

While all groups did an amazing job with the activity, this group pulled if off like a pro! Look at their tablescape! And mind you, seeing them in action was fascinating. It's like they have overflowing creative juices running through their veins!

L to R: @lizesteban @joyfelizardo @felizlucas @darkmark_angel 📷 Liz Esteban

Meanwhile, our team had a different take on the activity. Of the 10 Home Styling Principles, we took one by heart. It's the 7th principle that says, spark stories. So we did, literally! 😂

Team People over project / Minimalist / Bonding over everything


MIA: @GreenLunchDiaries@Mommy_Jaya

Oh amidst the mess and moxie, the fun and frolic, we were treated to an appetizing course and dessert from The Coffee Project. I finished the food and my Matcha Frappe before I reaized I haven't had a decent photo yet. Oh well.

And just when we thought we had a taste of it all, we were given out a sampler box of the best selling breads and pastries from Bake My day.

📷 Rachelle Carpio

It’s not your ordinary pastry shop! With cozy interior and a homey feel, the flavorful, soft, and aromatic breads are just icing on top. This makes a perfect place to wind down after a long and stimulating day shopping.

Well every spot in All Home Libis is inviting and almost homelike: from the facade, the concierge that greets you the moment you step in, the warm and welcoming staff, strategically positioned sections, interiors, to snacks; exactly what made the whole experience, a little more extra! And I can't wait until my next visit since I'm already planning to bring along my little one. Because why not, aside from the "little home" section available for the kids, the whole place guarantees hassle-free home shopping experience with excellent consumer services. That's plus 100 for any hands-on homemaker!

So with all these things considered, I'd have to agree, there’s no place like all home.

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