Are your skin care products really taking good care of you?

These days, there is a plethora of beauty fads you can discover everywhere: (Gold facials, gluten-free skin care, anyone?)

I remember clearly, the first that debunked the exfoliate-cleanse-tone-moisturize was the 5 step skin care. Not long after came the 10 step skin care routine.

All these in our cat and mouse chase for that skin ala KPOP superstar.

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Really now? 10 products? Lavish beauty treatments? Are they really worth the price you pay? -

While you may be willing to shell out a few extra pence for these "must-have" products and treatments, you might want to read the labels first, and think twice. Remember, you are lathering layers and layers of products on your skin, day and night. Are you sure they live up to its promise of taking good care of you?

Let's evaluate.

There are about 85,000 thousand toxic chemicals approved on the federal registry and thousands of their kind are still being added yearly. Worst, most of these ingredients are formulated in your commercially produced personal care products.

Take a look at your go-to lotion, your beau's shaving cream, or your little one's nappy ointment.

How many of this did you spot?

There's a slim chance you did not find a single one. But if that's the case, how bout

1,4-dioxane Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Dibutylphthalate, DBP, DEP, Butyl Ester, ‘Fragrance’, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, IIsoparaben, Butylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin?

Phew. That's not all! These ingredients could be hiding under hundreds to thousands of pseudonyms you can't easily pronounce and they are as toxic in our bodies as they sound.

Just a run through of the studies that have proven the harm in these things:

📷 Odacite Skin care

To make you feel more alarmed, our bodies absorb about 60% of what we put on our skin. And studies say it only takes 26 to 90 seconds before these toxic chemicals enter our blood stream. Then it becomes part of us; it becomes part of you!

Now, how many products do you put on your skin again?

Survey says we use an average of 12 products from wakeup to downtime. But I doubt you use only 12 if you're a woman and doing the 10-step skin care.

(Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deo, lotion, day moisturizer, foundation, concealer, lippie, makup remover, toner, night cream, what else do we add to the list?)

With all these skin care products, you're feeding your body layers and layers of nasty chemicals that are linked to health issues.

Again, Are they worth the price you pay?

So what now?

"These chemicals are part of our daily lives."

Oh. Okay.

I feel you, we can't help but cling to these "nasties" because they promised to make us feel and look better. But, over the course of your life, your body accumulates these thousands and thousands of hazardous components as they find their way to your blood, lymph system and organs.

And we wonder why cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, birth defects and skin allergies are so common that we hear about them everyday.

Look around.

It’s about time another shift happens.

It's about time we recognize what's good and what's not, and make a conscious effort to choose what's good. It's high time we take a pro-active choice that contributes to our over-all health and wellness by choosing products that are safe and free of nasty toxins.

Our personal care might just be a good place to start. But when in doubt, ask yourself:

"How sure are you that your skin care products are really taking good care of you?"

The answer? Read the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, don't use it. :)

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