Baking Soda: 50 Ways it's Weird and Wonderful

Ever since I became a mom, I became allergic to toxic chemicals, like mind and body allergic.

That's basically how my clean living story started in one sentence.

Upon my transition with skin care, I was able to rekindle my love for the environment. It made me consider greening my entire personal care and soon after, we replaced our household products to ones which can help in maintaining our environmental health. And as we went along these changes, I discovered products that are as effective but definitely safer than all the brands we grew up patronizing.

📷 Simple Home Making

That's when baking soda came in the picture. Little did many of us know, this innocent powder does wonders in and out of the kitchen. It amazes me more how few to little ingredients we really needed to maintain our health and homes; that we can actually do away with our trusty liquid sosa, muriatic acid, lysol, and other household staple loaded with toxic chemicals.

Really! This mean green mama tried and tested what they say this white-hot essential can do. And I must say, the results are pretty impressive.

Here's a rundown of things we can do with baking soda.

Spic and Span CLEANER

  1. Remove stains from plastic food containers

  2. Deep-clean extra greasy dishes and pans

  3. Easy microwave cleanup

  4. Oven cleaner

  5. Easy DIY soft scrub for surfaces

  6. Banish mildew from bathrooms

  7. Simple floor cleaner

  8. Polish silver flatware

  9. Brighten dull jewelry

  10. Clean crayons from walls

  11. Boost laundry detergent

  12. Clean cloth diapers

  13. Remove oil and grease

  14. Unclog drains


As an added benefit, baking soda’s alkali property

"neutralizes acids in odors allowing it to eliminate strong, unwanted smells."

  1. Refresh a foul-smelling fridge

  2. Deodorize garbage cans

  3. Carpet deodorizer

  4. Deodorize musty upholstery

  5. Fight linen closet smells

  6. Absorb toilet odors

  7. Deodorize cutting boards

  8. Deodorize litter boxes

  9. Freshen Musty Laundry

  10. Refresh Hamper

  11. Refresh smelly sneakers

  12. Deodorize drains

  13. Deodorize and clean sponges


For a safer, healthier, and happier home

  1. Simple air freshener

  2. Dust stuffed animals

  3. Disinfect toothbrush

  4. Remove odors from your hands

  5. Keep flowers fresher longer

  6. Neutralize gassy beans

  7. Clean store-bought fruits and veggies

  8. Whiten Your Laundry

  9. Stain remover

  10. Buff out water rings

  11. Keep ants out

  12. Extinguish grease fires

  13. Septic care


  1. Freshen your breath

  2. Polish your teeth

  3. Make your own deodorant

  4. Gently exfoliate

  5. Facial scrub

  6. Pamper your feet

  7. Dry shampoo alternative

  8. Help your hair

  9. Keep your brushes and combs clean

  10. Relieve Itchy Skin from insect bites

  11. Relieve heartburn

The possibilities are endless! In fact, there is more to this list than we could possibly imagine.

While they may be too good to be true, most from this shortlist is a common thing in our home.

And since I discovered baking soda, we have replaced febreeze, downy, facial scrub, liquid drain cleaners, fruit and veggie wash, bleach, and toilet cleaner with a box full of this white wonder.

If you're in charge of the groceries, you'd know very well how big we can save for trading these things we don't really need for a 2kg box worth P211.

Aside from saving money, putting toxic products away from your cart also saves what's left in our ecosystem especially with the aquatic life. It's a way of doing good to ourselves and everyone we care about.

Win-win! Now what's the first thing you'll try with baking soda?

BONUS: Congratulations for reaching this part! As a reward, here's a secret: click the headers (cleaner, deodorizer, more, personal care) for instructions.

Now go save your homes and save the planet :)

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