Better way to start the day

It’s no secret that music has a mystical way of altering our state of mind. As they say,

it is the strongest form of magic.

It has a way of tapping on a fond, distant, happy, whatever memory it may be, no matter how long ago it happened, and making you feel a feeling. On a lighter note, an upbeat music helps you get through a lazy workout day; a love song stirs kilig; your favorite tune is an instant pick-me-upper.

Without it, what would your car rides be? AWKWARD diba!

‘ Here’s the thing, if I started the day with my spotify playlist, no matter which, my day is 95% happier. It sets the mood for the day and attunes my attitude so whether I seize the day or I let it seize me, it is going to affect my day entirely.

On that case, if I feel dull and uninspired to do the laundry or clean the bathroom, I’ll Open the Sunroof my way of accomplishing the tasks. Lucky if I did, cause if not? Any day apart from MONDAY is mundane. We’re not supposed to set the week like that, right?

Just to add a different feel to my morning I decided to go head over heels on my spotify. And guess how that made me feel?


Don’t tell anyone, some of my instagram captions are lines from a song if not poetry. Will be bringing them here on the blog just in case you have those days when words fail you.

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