Candles or the Environment? Get the Best of Both Worlds with Carroll&Chan

I have never given much thought about candles except back in my younger years when the electricity routinely gets cut off during a bad weather. Back then they were just a long white stick that illuminates the house.

Fast forward to the 21st century candles - to the ornamental and aromatic fancy variety; the "wicked" ones. Ill-famed for containing carcinogenic toxic compounds when burned. No wonder they stain the walls once the whole thing goes down. Paraffin, the main ingredient used in candles, is a kind of petroleum that emits the same toxins produced by burning diesel fuel. (EHSO, 2018)

So basically, lighting up a candle is like releasing diesel emission inside your home. True story. That made scented candles a taboo in our nest that no matter how fancy and good-smelling they are, it's a no, unless:

1. I made it

2. It's Carroll & Chan

Why is that so?


Carroll & Chan work only with pure beeswax, a natural wax made by bees. No palm oil, no paraffin and no soy wax that either damage the environment or pollute our homes.


For the jar candles' wicks, FSC-certified 100% sustainable woods are used while the votive candles are finished with a natural cotton wick.

These wicks make a gentle crackling sound when burning, and creates a bright, even glow.

Didn't go around sniffing all the scents because that's too much for a pregnant mama, but this Midnight Jasmine is too pretty not to try. It's an earthy white musk with a hint of cedarwood, perfectly blended with Jasmine - this was my favorite in an instant!


Each jar and votive candles is wrapped in a unique hand-painted design created for us by different Asian designers.

Printed on a craft or transparent paper to show off the colours and designs to their best effect.

Eco-friendly packaging

Jar candles are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes. The company buys back cleaned returned jars and re-use them.


Carroll & Chan is bringing the most wonderful scents and flowers into our homes using high-grade ingredients. And we can try all these in their newly opened store at The Podium, 3F.


All hand-made in Hong Kong, using traditional candle-making techniques for quality check and to ensure each candle burns perfectly.

You can also find reed diffusers on their shelves along with fragrance and other accessories to complete the whole sensory experience.

Being the only 100% sustainable and eco-friendly candle company in the world, Carrol & Chan is such a gamechanger! Because in a world saturated with big companies chasing after big payoffs, it's just fascinating to find a brand built around a creative craftsmanship and higher purpose.

And when they said they are in it to bring these creations into our homes because they’re convinced we’ll all love them too, we're sold.

After all, seeing eco-friendly ingredients, recycled packaging, and sustainable materials all in one decription is like finding gold these days. And we might have just unearthed one with Carrol&Chan.


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