Dry skin to Itchies to Stretchmarks: How to safely and effectively treat skin issues while pregnant

I may have not been #blessed with a beauty queen height, a shampoo commercial hair, or a statuesque physique, but my fair complexion and seemingly pore-less skin makes up for all of it.

Unfortunately, that only asset of mine becomes more of a flaw during pregnancy. My skin is dry and flaky as a molting lizard from head to toe;

scaly scalp,

rough, red patches on face,

flaky arms and legs, and

itch on places you can only imagine

Pregnant and expecting moms, did you have these too? I found out skin issues like this can abound

along with dark blotches on the skin, hair growth in unusual areas, thinning hair on their head, rashes, acne, stretch marks, brittle or splitting nails, weird rashes, and worsening of existing skin conditions.

Experts say that these are considered normal and are due to hormonal changes. In fact,

only a few lucky women can list radiance as the only dermatological trait they experience during pregnancy.

Meaning we have no choice but to live it for the next few months.

That sounds harsh and may take out the fun and excitement in pregnancy but I found out a solution to some of that skin issues.


Some moms-to-be break out, while others are dealing with drier skin than they’ve ever experienced (count me in!).

To ease the skin issues, I opted for non-toxic skin care products. Over years of research, I learned how chemicals in the products we use, harm and damage our bodies in the long run. Not only that, these nasties seep through our skin, onto our blood vessels and reaches our unborn child first.

These products always work for me:

L - Rosewater Mist that's ultra hydrating an toning at the same time. I use it as a day moisturizer and spritz it anytime I feel like I need to rehydrate

R -Voila Classic Charm Skin Elixir to moisturize, boost, and repair my skin as I sleep.


Some feel the itch as early as 20 months, others get this later on as they go far along in pregnancy. Mine started at 32 weeks with my first pregnancy, and 28 weeks with the second. This is completely normal as our bellies get bigger and the skin around it stretches and tighten that can make us all kinds of itchy.

My OB advised I should start moisturizing at 16 weeks to keep my skin healthy and hydrated to minimize itching and prevent stretch marks. I don't remember I did start that early though but really grateful to enter third trimester on this second pregnancy without the battle scars. I think I have my Belly Butter to thank for it!

Not every mom-to-be gets saved from these beautiful marks. As board-certified dermatologist Glenn Kolansky stated

“For most people, whether or not they get stretch marks has to do with genetic predisposition,”

And I feel you moms. I may not have these marks on my belly, but I wasn't able to save my upper thigh from it.

The best we can do to head them off is through exfoliating + moisturizing the parts where stretchmarks can occur. That includes the belly, boobs, stomach, hips and thighs. Studies and research claim that using really great moisturizers and soothing ointments do help.

Just note: If the itching doesn't resolve, mention it to your ob-gyn. A rare late pregnancy liver and gallbladder called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) has symptoms of severe itching and can increase your risk of delivering prematurely. -Allure


Since our bodies go through many physical and hormonal changes, our skin is no exemption to that effect. Most of our bodily fluids travel to the baby which depletes our own supply. And that affects the moisture we retain on our skin.

On days my skin gets severely dry, I sleep with the humidifier on. I also use oil-based skin care to keep myself off chemicals that may be found in lotion and other cream based moisturizers as it may worsen my dry skin.

For that nasty itchies, consider a warm oatmeal bath. It helps!


Speaking of hormones doing a number on our skin during pregnancy, I discovered newfound sensitivities I haven't known before. Have you, mamas?

I suddenly can't use liners or any of that kind or else I would suffer from unbearable itch and rash.

My skin on that part is too sensitive and dry that even some undies trigger itchies. On my first pregnancy, I had weird allergies occur on my toes and underarm. Ahhhhh I couldn't bear the thought.

The problem is, most OB-Gyns including mine are strict about prescribing topical medications. Well they really should be! Because whatever we put on our skin goes in our body, straight to our unborn child which may have adverse effects! So instead of risking it, I treat the itch by using an all-natural balm:

And this should be a warning to us all that there's something nasty about most of the things we use and we don't even realize it. :(

our bodies go through a lot of changes when we’re pregnant. We might get distressed by the pesky itchies or upset at any skin changes but needless to say, we should go easy on our skin during this sensitive phase. We are carrying a life which may be harmed if we don’t take extra precautions.

Just a few tricks to keep the itchies at bay from a mama who's having it in places you can't imagine:

1. STEER CLEAR of products which contain triclosan, parabens and fragrance.These ingredients aren’t just potential irritants - they could pose health risks to baby. And you’d be surprised to find these in almost if not all of your personal care

2. RECONSIDER your personal care. You can never go wrong with going natural and organic. PRO tip: get supplies from mom makers. You sure will get the extra care they give their child. It may somehow cost a few extra pence, but the effect is worth gold!

3. SWITCH ON your humidifier especially if you sleep in an a/c room. This will help put moisture back into the air—and your skin.

4. TAKE SHORT SHOWERS - 10 minutes or less cold shower is already good for the skin. But if you suffer with itchies, opt for a warm oatmeal bath instead. Hot bath con the other hand can irritate your skin.

5. WEAR BREATHABLE FABRIC and let your skin breathe.

6. DRINK LOTS OF WATER — you need more now that you’re expecting—and

7. TAKE IT EASY, relax. These changes are temporary and may go away or change back after delivery. Stress can aggravate the condition, mind you.

And last but not the least, mention any skin changes to your OB as to rule out any other health problems.

We got this, mamas!

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