Eat my dust, Flu!

ALCOHOL. santizer. Anti bacterial wipes.

I never would’ve understood the need to disinfect everything every time…Or why we should keep our bags and purses off the bed the same way as should keep our hands from touching our face; or even why we need to change clothes as soon as we get home

..until I became a mom.

Then even the door knobs, the switches, the handles in every corner (esp the fridge and microwave), anything and just about everything need to be cleaned once in the morning and once before every person in the household goes to bed.

You can call that OC, fine by me.

We finish at least 1 liter of 1st Pharma’s Isopropyl Alcohol in a week. I love that not only it cleans and disinfects, but it also makes the house smell good when we use it to mop the floors and clean the windows.

A 500 ml would cost you around P70-P80, so if you calculate, we’re adding around P560 – P640 more on our monthly grocery! Uy, P600 din yan. P7,200 a year! Then it got me thinking.

Budget aside, we also try our best to adapt an eco-conscious household and lifestyle. So what’s that to do with the disinfectant you may ask. While there is no solid evidence that the content is a threat to the environment, its bottle is a different story. And we’ve already exhausted the things we can do to reuse the empty containers that each time I toss it out boy do I feel horrible.

For that reason, we thought of limiting the consumption so we also get to curb our waste disposal and at the same time save up a few pence. Although we knew buying a germ zapper would beat the second purpose, it was the first thing that came into my mind. Why you can zero-in on sanitation with little time and effort needed by just strategically placing it in a room and keeping the items (anything under the sun) you want to sterilize near the device. Leave it on for 30 mins, attend to the next chore at a safe distance, and when it’s finished disinfecting the room for you, it automatically shuts off. Who wouldn’t want that?

But it wasn’t until I fell ill and infected Atlas with the virus that we finally decided we should get one from UV Care immediately.

And by immediately, I meant Jayson driving to The Parenting emporium ASAP because 1. it’s the community we trust for our parenting needs and 2. thankfully, we’re at close proximity.

Because you see, we’re not actually after keeping the house germ-free or bacteria-free. We are all well-aware how we benefit from these micro-organisms; that a good dose of sunshine and exposure to bacteria is sometimes all we need to super-charge our immune system. What we’re after for are the superbugs, the deadly diseases, the pathogens that thankfully UV care addresses. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

With UV care in our home we now say bye bye virus! We were able to stop it from spreading and infecting tatay and lola taba. Yayyy! No swabs, petri dishes, and germ count devices needed, only a well-baby and a healthy household.

Interested? You should be! As UV care sais,

Don't risk it, UV care it!

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