Farmer’s Market with the ShopperBees!

It seems like there’s nothing HonestBee can’t do to make our lives easier.

Groceries, food delivery, beeXpress, and even wet market errands can be ticked off our to-do list with this online concierge.

I worried about the wet market service until we went around the Farmer’s Market and had a first hand experience of how shopper bees choose the freshest fruits, veggies, meat and seafood.

Aside from these bees being thoroughly trained, they only shop at stalls which hold HonestBee’s seal of approval.

The next time you go for palengke day, check the stores with Honestbee Badge. That way you’re sure you’re getting only the highest quality of produce.

Or, better yet, #justhonestbee — That’s shopping for the freshest finds in the comforts of our home.

Download the HonestBee app from the appstore or Google playstore and sign up for an account now! :)

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