Food Hack #1: Cheese is life but I hope this won't make you change your mind

WARNING: not for the faint hearted

Velvety, creamy, smooth and melted ooey gooey cheese.

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Only a a devoted vegan, a lactose intolerant, and a faithful soul can resist.

Well you need not zero-in on this luscious cheese unless your diet, religion, or health condition requires you. After all, it also contains calcium and vitamins beneficial to our health if consumed moderately. But if you're trying to improve your health by cutting down dairy, good news! There's a great substitute we can use for cheese.

*drum roll*

Nutritional Yeast!

Doesn't sound palatable, I know. The flavor isn't intense cheese as well to be honest. But WTH, it's a good alternative to those who can't take cheese and it's a "vitamin packed protein" which makes it sound super healthy, super complete, but oh well it's super cheese!

Been adding this ingredient to almost anything we eat, but I realized only a handful of people, mainly the health-nuts, know this super food exist. There are a lot of articles written about this stuff but I find Mother Nature Network's piece to be informative and encouraging at the same time.

Just to give you a gist of what you can get from adding this staple to your dishes, here's a quick rundown:

  • source of complete protein and vitamins

  • in particular B-complex vitamins

  • folates

  • thiamine

  • riboflavin

  • niacin

  • selenium

  • zinc

  • (sometimes) fortified with vitamin B12

How amazing that a small amount of this can enhance the flavors in your dish while supplying beneficial vitamins and minerals to your body?

Even more amazing that you get to ensure your little one gets these (nowadays scarce) nutrition by just sprinkling it on top of his food.

If you're wondering,

I got mine from Healthy Options.

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