GrabRewards: Ride Points for Red Cross, Siomai, and more!

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Some couple of weeks ago, viral hates against this ride hailing platform were flooding facebook feeds and I'm pretty sure it left a bad taste in most (if not all) grab rider's mouth. Who can blame who?

I have been using their service for quite some time now and I must admit, I've had a mix of excellent and poor experiences in varying degrees. And ever since Grab took over the ride sharing network, it's easier to give out 1 to 3 stars, if not report, or not rate at all.

But still, we can't generalize the system. We just can't. It's still a good alternative to our good ol transit systems here in the country admit it or not. Think about the convenience of getting picked up at your exact location in the wee hours and nominating the drop off point without getting the "kamot ulo, ay pa-south/north po ako" cop out.

Can Grab get any more pleasing than that? Absolutely! With the GrabRewards Program, we can earn from our rides through the points system which gives us an access to a wide range of popular and well-loved retail and lifestyle products such as:

A week's worth of rides for valued F&B, hospitality, lifestyle and retail brands, travel and service-related apps and entertainment subscription?

I can exchange GrabRewards points for

Mrs. Fields and Siomai House!!! Wooohoo

Not only that! If you noticed I scrolled a little slower on the limited edition category. It's where I'm putting the rest of my GrabRewards Points on:

For just 600 points we can extend a hand to the world's largest humanitarian network, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. It funds humanitarian efforts for people in need and vulnerable families in the Philippines.

Through the service we make use of, we help support communities and aid them in developing projects and humanitarian activities. Yes, Grab just made it easier for us to support such cause.

So next time I feel the urge to complain about the fare, service or the entire system, I'd try to think of the benefits I enjoy from the the rewards I could take advantage of for every peso I spend with Grab.

And If 8 pieces piping hot Siomai from Siomai House isn't pleasant enough,

I don't know what is.

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