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Each year, nations generate 1.3 billion tons of waste. -Ann Simmons

In the recent blog post (One less straw pledge), we talked about where these go — which is, nowhere but here, with us, on the same planet we’re in. If 79% of that waste is plastic, then we amass  at least 1,027,000,000 tons of waste each year, only to house them for the next 500 years. That’s 5 centuries long; 6-10 generations of descendants.

The number is tipping off the scales, and unless we do something about it, the damages it impairs to our health, home, community, and to our planet, is getting worst year by year.

500 years? Di bale, wala na ako ‘non

(I won't be around by then)

Damn right you won’t be. But you are here NOW. And whether the future is bright or dimly lit for the next Earth dwellers, the blood is in our hands.

Anak ng anak ng anak ng anak ng anak ni Atlas na yun. (That would be Atlas’ great great great great great great grandchildren)

Sus, sure, you might say. But cmon, those will be your descendants too.

Akalain mo nga naman, they are about to be conceived but not anytime soon, and yet they already have billion tons of trash on their shoulders.

Sige ganito na lang,

The world will never be the same without these names. — If they decided to live their normal lives, apathetic, saying “d bale, wala na ko non”.

But we’re lucky! A handful patriotic, revolutionary people made a decision to be involved and make a difference. Or else, we might still be living in a war zone, like a cave man, enslaved to fear and ignorance.

So here we are NOW — Free. Modern. Saved.

If we’re so lucky to be living a privileged life today, we owe it to the people who cared enough in the past.

So the question is


Mountains of garbage? River of trash? A continent made out of garbage? Mutated diseases? Pollution? Rotten Earth?

photo credits: The Indian Express

We can do better than that!

We need not be patriots or activists to be able to make an impact. When we think our voice is too small or our efforts meager in this big big world, we lose the chance to share and spread our beautiful vibration.

I dream more for Atlas. And certainly, for your own, you do too. Diba? They deserve to see the beauty and life brimming in the planet today.

But I bet, you feel HELPLESS looking at the world we’re in right now and you might be asking:


(What for?)


(Is that what the government is supposed to do?)


(Do we stand a chance?)

Love, it’s never too late. It might seem impossible, but it isn’t. There are so many things we can do. Starting off with 17 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do To Help Save The Earth Every Day by the Huffington Post.

And this, too precious not to read.

You may think that curbing your own carbon footprint and consumption won’t do much to reduce the human pollution that is consuming our vast planet. But we think that if we all work together, we really can make a collective positive difference in the amount of damage we do.

The little things we do add up and become the big things

– in good or bad way. And it’s up to us as to what direction we’re steering the future into.

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