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I was never crazy for coffee shop planners that require you to complete a set of sticker card ever since. To me, it was all some sort of marketing scheme to get you to buy their overpriced cup of latte. So come every after yuletide, I’d find more or less 4 or 5 sticker cards with one or 2 slots filled, at least.

But all that changed after realizing the good we can do with completing a sticker card from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

This company has always been an active supporter of the REAL LIFE Foundation through the annual Giving Journal project. And by just completing the stickers and/or purchasing the planner, we become part of the deed! In just one journal, 12 cups of premium coffee or tea, we get to help produce at least 40 graduates from the foundation. Fine, they're still overpriced, but at least you know a part of that hefty price you paid goes to a specific cause.

What’s not to love about that?

And there’s more! Look at all these amazing things you can find inside:

updates on their Giving Journey

Coupons for every month

The little things we so often oversee

more coupons from Wingstop you don’t want to miss

(love this!)

and this ♥︎

If you’re still contemplating which planner to get, c’mon. I'm 8 stickers away from getting my second planner.

But no worries, CBTL is having another run of the double sticker promo tom until Sunday, Jan. 14. So, Yay!

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