It's a Wrap with Ralph: Why he's everything you want and need your photographer to be

We had an amazing day shooting Atlas’ portrait.

And by amazing I meant having Ralph, a sought after wedding photographer, compare it to getting 3 prenups done in one shoot! And yet he and lady pulled it off, with the most beautiful portraits, like they're trained to photograph kids. That amazing.

Once or twice I’ve been booked for a wedding gig as a back up shooter; there were ocassions I became the subject; and some of my life’s milestones were covered by professional photographers. I know that doesn't make me close to being a pro at anything photography, I'm more of a client who have worked with different experts and know just exactly what and who I need to get the shots I want.

And for the past few photo sessions I've booked, I never settled for anyone less than Ralph Lee.



- Since "a picture paints a thousand words" rings true, go ahead and peek at his portfolio so I no longer need to explain myself. Lol. But seriously, look at the photographs and tell me you didn't let out a breath you didn't realize you were holding.

That's how his photos make me feel each time.

He captures genuine emotions that warm you up inside and you can't help but be happy too.

Based on my first-hand experience working with him, I can tell you it's basically because ....


- Aside from the a-list clients and impressive portfolio, it's important to consider someone who

makes you feel comfortable.

Your made up face, splendid dress, in an enchanting venue bedecked with props and all, don't really matter unless you're all comfortable working with each other. After all, it’s not just photos you're creating, they're memories too.

Believe it or not, in all of the photo sessions we've had with Ralph, all we had was a white wall, fabric, and toys! We weren't all made up too. Lady would just groom my brows, curl my lashes, and fix my hair; Jayson would don his white pambahay shirt; and Ralph would give minimal instructions. He won't wait til we settle for him to click the shutter; he knows perfect timing.

The result? Ahhhmazing photos and awwwwesome memories.

Warming up. How he managed to get the best photos of Atlas


- When you pay for a photographer, you not only pay for his skill, but you’re paying for his precious time. So they could just get away with finishing the day with the scenes they want but Ralph goes beyond that.

He would maximize the time and space, and would make the most of every moment. He tailor fits his style with your character and story. Most importantly, he not only captures photos; he records your beautiful story, just exactly how you wanted it to be told.


- My non-negotioble. It makes me feel bad I got married at a time RALPH LEE wasn't in the industry yet and his breathtaking photos make me want to get married again.

But I guess that's the feeling you get when you know you found the best (and missed it. SO DON'T).

You're welcome!

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