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I remember my cousin Tina, who went all the way from Norway to spend part of her maternity leave here in the country, bewildered upon learning we can drive around with an infant without a carseat installed. To be honest, it wasn’t a big deal for me too. Considering Atlas doesn’t want to be confined in his seat, and the carseat we had installed became a catch-all for his toys and baby stuff. So we found an excuse and convinced ourselves whatever, the traffic is worst anyway;

as if 40 kph poses that much risk.

This frame of mind would have probably stuck with us if not for the Joie brand ambassador launch last Wednesday. It was a purposeful event we were so lucky to be part of! More than just gathering the press, media, and social media influencers, Joie made its mark as a family-first company by spreading awareness of the risk factors and safety precautions we should be keeping in mind especially with kids around.

JP Tuason, road safety advocate and an international race car driver, opened our eyes with the terrifying possibilities should a vehicular accident occur. What a shocker.

Not the original video he presented, but my oh my, we should all definitely see this.

Accidents happen in the most unexpected way, the least we expect it; and no matter how careful we try to be, we can never avoid it (knock on wood it won’t ever happen to any of us). However, that doesn’t give us the ticket to sit back and relax and let things run its course. We must, in any way we can, do everything in our power to protect the young ones because the fact that they can't protect themselves yet put them at the biggest risks.

Exactly what Bill 1319 is all about..

Child restraint devices include "child safety seats, car seats, boosters or booster seats, vests or car beds and other items approved by the LTO

The bill covers kids 12 years of age and below which means, we need to provide at least 4 car seats in their entire childhood.

I understand if you rolled your eyes right there. Most would probably see these devices as a luxury more than just a necessity. These devices cost a pretty penny! And you need to change them for each stage? WHAT??!

(photo from Rappler )

Joie Philippines together with Camille Pratts, brand ambassador tell us otherwise with Joie Every Stage carseat.

4 seats in 1, customisable body and head support to fit at every stage so you no longer need to buy 4 different car seats! At P15,999.75 it's a winner even if you buy the cheapest brands for every category. Plus, with the quality and innovative design you are sure you get your money's worth.

Camille and Nala with the Gemm Carrier

Camille Pratts stressed the importance of having a carseat installed in the vehicle. Just like all of us, her little one's safety is a top priority. Much to her delight, Nala peacefully naps on her carseat! That's security and comfort in one amazingly built product.

Truly a gem, don't you think?

Excellent quality + first-rate design + affordability

"Orange" you glad companies like Joie exist? This company offers a line of brilliant products perfectly designed to adapt the unique desires of every family.

Travel systems, Carry Cots, Carseats, Highchairs, Soothers -- all made up with unique parent-friendly features.

To view the entire Joie collection visit

Safety and security come with a price nowadays but when you equip the right devices, you not only protect them from danger, but you also provide them ease and comfort.

-- Something you can't put a price tag on.

Speaking of price, a PENALTY awaits for me and the little boy who grew up despising his carseat. HALA.

Momsh, don’t be like me. Start early with the carseat okay!!

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