#MomApproved Babies and Maternity Essentials? Just HonestBee!

Pay bills ✔️ shop clothes ✔️ web check-in ✔️ book appointments ✔️ grocery shopping ✔️

Technology is indeed a godsend gift for us humans who always seem to be on a time crunch.

No more hassle of long lines, no need to wait for parking space or commute, and we save ourselves from pushing our way through the crowd so that we can spend time on other important things.

I would like to believe, e-commerce was started by moms. Because you can only understand how time is both the most important factor and also the least, when you're one.

Fortunately, digital moms, Honestbee heard us buzzing about that! Aside from groceries and wet market, household, personal care, and such, they have a new section for Babies and Maternity. And take a look at what they have in store:

These brands plus over 100 partner stores, catering to 8 cities in the country. Honestbee is a one-stop shop for food, grocery, and lifestyle products.

Imagine the convenience of grabbing your produce and household staples with just a click of a button: you save fuel, shop on your pajamas, shop while the baby sleeps!

Now the chore of doing grocery-shopping and replenishing mom and baby essentials are simplified in three easy steps all the while being in the comfort of your own home.

How easy and convenient can your #momlife get with the help of honestbee's concierge and delivery services?

Milking Bombs? Tiny Buds? TPE approved finds, anyone? #JustHonestBee

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