Lady, Set, Glam!

I don’t know about you but from where I come from, we hire makeup artists on big days when youtube makeup tutorials won’t fit the bill.

It’s one of the big things on every bridal check list – an investment a bride can make for the wedding day; it’s something we so thoughtfully think of when we prepare for an important event; someone high profile celebrities dare not leave without on world tours and holiday junkets.

Because behind all the fine and splendid clothes, the time and effort to put together one sublime look, we only want one thing – to look our best and blushing selves.

Exactly why HMUAs are always considered high priority.

But of course! These people do not limit their metier with what’s inside their train case. They put their hearts into their works (which is you by the way) by carrying out tasks you won’t find in their job description.


It includes being your confidant, an unofficial therapist/liaison, and sometimes even your PA for the big day. They keep things on schedule the same way they ensure your make up stays on fleek the entire time and rescue you from being a damsel-in-this-dress with hairpins and spray net. Not only that, as the person assigned to cling beside you on such momentous event, he/she can also serve as your shock absorber and stress reliever both at the same time.

Aren’t you amazed of the many hats a makeup artist can wear in one day? Sure.

But just like your go-to hairstylist, the love of your life, your fave moisturizer, clothing brand, lippie color — you have to find “the one” that suits you well; your perfect match.

“Great. As if those things are so easy to find.”

I know, I know. WHAT NOW?


First, you would want to find someone who you can connect with; someone who can make you feel comfortable, making the preps a seamless and fun process.

Because on top of making you look your best, the right make up artist should also make you feel confident and beautiful.

Second, consider someone whose work you love. Browse their portfolio, carefully look at their style, and check out on how they beautify their own face. A little research and an in-depth view of their work is important.

​ Professional make up artists may all be well-equipped with the right tools and advanced training from top rated schools but those whose second nature is art is sans pareil. So if you chance upon a prospective MUA who has a keen eye for art, by all means, lock her down. Tools and training may help get the job done, but if coupled with talent and technique, expect a masterpiece.

Proper skills, right techniques, finest tools, world-class training and a well-rounded attitude: everything we all want our MUA to possess; everything my MUA has.

The best part? I’ve been privileged to call her my sister. I can hear your thoughts, but please hold your judgments until you see the plethora of flawless portraits in her portfolio.

Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza even asked to bring her on the pageant. Repeat clients are common.

Based on my experience as her muse and as an occasional PA (pseudo assistant), I witnessed how she expresses genuine care with her clients and co-workers. I love how she makes you feel comfortable enough that you won’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for changes or for anything makeup – tips, tricks or even personal shiz niz. Any significant event is big enough to overwhelm even a-list public figures that having her in your dressing room is like finding an oasis in the mid of a busy city; calm and comfort amidst chaos.

No wonder anyone who works with Lady gets wedded to her service.

If she’d only let me pay, I’d definitely double the price because when all is said and done, after all the preps and the event is over, your photos and the wonderful memories are the only thing you are left with. And with her, we’re guaranteed to look back at moments that went as flawless as how we looked.

Still think I’m biased? See for yourself.

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