Minimalist Hospital Bag: The Emergency List

I read in an article that hospital bags should be ready a month before the EDD (due date). Had I known about that earlier, I wouldn’t have been admitted to the hospital without it.

Crazy. I’ve been planning to pack that week I gave birth via emergency CS but I guess it was a little too late. I planned to tick this off my third tri checklist at the end of my 36 weeks to be exact because I was thinking, 37 weeks is when babies reach full term.

That must be the perf time to prepare the bag right?

Wrong. There are at least 12% preterm births that happen in a year according to statistics. So I guess it's safe to say it's always better to be prepared anytime during the third trimester.

Being one of the 12%, I realized

1. It is never too early to prepare for the new baby. The nursery, essentials, hospital bag, and the like. We can always start with the basics;

2. There isn't really much stuff we need. I mean, some items can turn out to be quite helpful but there are only few items that will truly matter.

So if I were able to pack for my delivery, I would surely have completed the ULTIMATE HOSPITAL BAG CHECKLIST I decided to adapt from Mom Serenity, but since I were not able to do it myself, I picked only what's on top of our priorities so my husband won't have a hard time.

Can you imagine being stuck in the labor room and instead of focusing on your birth, you're instructing your husband to do last minute errands for you. Hassle!

But husbands are one of our biggest blessings. In fact, mine helped ease me through childbirth by making sure I have the essential stuff:

Here are the things that made it to my good bag.

Yes, all these fit perfectly in my bag.

But, you may want to organize your items into different bags, we did!

Some have prepared bags for labor (the bag of things you need for the labor room), recovery, daddy, mommy (the bag of things you’ll want AFTER baby is born), baby, toy tech bag (all of your tech stuff, like chargers and cameras and tablets), but as for us, we only packed a hospital bag for us parentals, and for the baby.

So let me share our compact Hospital Bag essentials with you!

Should be comfortable stretch cotton or other natural fiber clothing to keep you feeling comfy.

1. Button down PJs are good - it'll make nursing easier

2. zip-up hoodie - hospital rooms can get freezing

3. Maternity or nursing bras - no other than Coobie, trust the MommyBFFs on this

4. Granny Panties - Lots of big comfy undies in dark colors.

5. Big, loose sandals or slippers (your feet may swell like crazy after birth)

6. Warm comfy socks (3-4 pairs)

7. Going home outfit -

8. Glasses and contacts, if you use them

9. A hat or cap, clips, pony tails for your hair (because it WILL be messy, mama!)

10. Vitamins

  • Prenatal Vitamins - Healthy Options

  • VPharma Megamalunggay

11. Breastfeeding Essentials

12. Makeup

survived with

  • kilay (brows)

  • My matcha as moisturizer from Healthy Options

  • Macabeet for a little bit of tint also from from Healthy Options

  • and Voila! rosewater mist to hydrate skin from time to time

  • Powder -I used Tiny Buds Rice Powder to fend off oil in my hair.

13. Heal All Balm

One that's good as a nipple cream / Lip balm / moisturizer - you can never go wrong with

Voila! Boo Boo Balm

14. Toiletries (for mom and dad)

  • Deodorant

  • Razor

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Feminine Wash

  • Soap

15. Charger

16. Book

17. Camera

18. Headset

19. Gift for siblings

See, all these perfectly fit in my goodbag.


* Some additional items I read from other moms

  • Maternity Pads - usually supplied by the hospital

  • Hand sanitizer (both for you and for visitors)

  • Extension cord

  • A prepared music playlist*

  • Insurance card *

  • Personal Identification (like your driver’s license) *

  • Thank-you gifts for the nurses and staff *

  • Water bottle, preferably one that you can drink from while lying down

  • Mints *

  • Cash and coins *

  • Folder or file box to keep all the papers you’re going to get in safe and sound

1. Onesies (3-4 pieces)

2. Newborn cap, mittens, and booties - love Tiny Buds Baby 's sizes.

3. Swaddlers - Of course, Halo Sleepsack

4. Voila! Diaper Spray - Gosh, why wouldn't you have this?

5.Muslin Cloths - soft cloths and extra cute prints - Lulujo is beyond compare

6. Cute but comfy outfit for photos and for going home - Love what we got from a dear friend Peevee of The Kikay Prints Ph

7. Car seat (very important!!)

Funny how the emergency CS delivery narrowed down what was originally an extensive list. I was a little rattled upon looking at the oh so many things that need to be done before giving birth and to help me cope with the apprehension, I wrote about it on my Third Trimester Checklist.

It was supposed to get me super prepared for D day. but ironically, there isn't much I accomplished in that not even a quarter. LOL.

How I wish I went through that list again, but at least, as mentioned, this allowed me to really sort what's only needed and essential in a hospital bag.

So if you or if you know someone who's giving birth soon, my advice, start packing mamas!


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