Minimize the Risk of Coronavirus Exposure while Grocery Shopping. Here's How:

There’s a simple joy in grocery shopping that is hard to match;

pushing a cart from one aisle after another; viewing and comparing prices; and physically adding them to cart; rolling the shopping trolley out of the store with eco-friendly bags neatly lined up -- there’s an odd sense of bliss that physical grocery shopping brings.

But that was around 5 weeks ago, when a trip to the grocery can either be a mini vacay from your little army or a mini date with your three year old. Since the coronavirus pandemic, things haven’t been the same and grocery trips to the store were inconsistent and frenzied. 

These days you can’t go out without worrying if the virus mutated and the air you breathe can get you infected; or if the items you are bringing home were touched by a sick person.

Times have changed and you now need a grocery strategy that includes shopping prior to bath time, and a seperate post grocery checklist aka things you should be paranoid about.

I know we all miss the moments where we feel a sense of normalcy, but in case you might have gone hiding in your cave (with all that’s happening, we can’t blame you), this is already the new normal.

Experts say we should opt for online shopping and deliveries for a safer alternative, but sometimes a store visit is unavoidable especially when there are factors at play like schedule, availability of the things you need, and price.

So if you must go to the store here are the precautions to take to navigate the aisles 3 ft away from the crowd safely:

Before shopping:

(because staying safe starts before you even enter the store)

  • Wear a face mask. It’s now a civic duty, a fashion statement, a going out essential, whatever you want to call it - it’s now a routine part of life.

  • Protect your eyes. Wear glasses instead of contact lens. Have something that can guard this entry point.

  • Consider wearing a hoodie or cap to cover hair because yes, it’s possible for coronavirus to stick to hair.

  • Wear gloves, but if you don’t prefer donning a pair, skip it but never ever touch your face and disinfect hands often. NOTE: choose disposable ones and throw them once done with grocery shopping.

  • Bring disinfectant to wipe your cart first and foremost


  • Disinfect hands very often

  • Avoid touching MEN (mouth, eyes, nose) please. It’s not okay now more than ever.

  • Try not to use your phone when in the store. If you do, clean it when you get home.

  • Have a purse ready where you can ask the cashier to drop off your change or card. 


  • Disinfect hands again.

  • Remove mask, shoes and outer clothing once you get home. 

  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. 

  • Remove clothes, soak in soap + water, then shower.

  • If you can let your groceries sit for a day, store them in an inaccessible place but if not, disinfect the items you need to unpack.

  • After unpacking groceries, wash your hands and disinfect surfaces that you’ve touched.

I know, I know, going out can be a lot of work these days.

The “thrill of the hunt” has gone to a whole new level as wandering the aisles became stressful and uncomfortable at 9:30 when the fresh produce is almost sold out. As if surviving the queue in and out of the marketplace is not vexing enough noh?

Well you can always opt for different channels if this chore makes you panic. There are many businesses offering curbside pick-up, delivery and other safe options and now is a good time to support these smaller, independently-owned businesses that are struggling to survive right now.

If you need access to this online group with an extensive list of businessess, shoot me an email at, ill hook you up.

Keep safe mama!

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