ModMoms: Learning, Sharing, and Uplifting Each Other

Smart, Savvy, Soulful --

That's what I believe I have unearthed from myself when I attended ModMoms last August 23.

It was such a beautiful afternoon of learning, sharing, and spreading positive vibrations with everyone. Anyone who'd be greeted by such a darling host like Michelle, would understand what I mean.

From the setup we can’t keep our eyes off (TEA Rentals / The Event Architects)

To the delectable food and dainty tablescape by Aruga Cafe by Mesclun

Mesclun Kids cookies /recess party bento

To the loot from Cinq Dessert Boutique, Zen Nutrients, Manulife GradMaker, everything about ModMoms served as a quick escape away from the calm and chaos of #momlife.

Not only that, we were also introduced to Amara Oils, a top grade essential oils in its purest form, and how we can use it as a safe skin care alternative that is natural and free from toxic ingredients. This mean green mama sure was giddy!

Betty Sy told us about the dangers in our skin care products and the toxic ingredients we don't realize we're loading in our bodies as we use such. She taught us a more effective, and safe, formula for Cough+Colds, Tummy Relief, Brain Booster, and Bath Scrub.

And because sharing is caring, here are the following recipes:

Gone are the days when sniffing orange peel and mint leaves are the only natural relief we can find to save us from clogged nose and other minor booboos. And on worst days, we resort to the ever so popular chemically made "vapor rub". Yikes!

Now that we have Amara Oils, we can effectively take care of ourselves and our families without compromising health and safety.

That's one of the many things Modern Moms are so capable of!

From self-care, to taking good care of our families;

from self-love, to lifting each other up;

from empowering, to spreading positivity all around,

indeed, ModMoms know better!

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