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Couple of years ago, maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle was such a quest. In order to get an all-natural and organic produce, one must source directly to farms and other varied sources.

So when Healthy Options opened its doors in 1995, it shed so much light and life in terms of health, nutrition, and vitality to many Filipinos.

Healthy Options, The Podium

My first encounter of this shop was in 2009, way back I was so self-conscious about my physique. But that alone is not enough motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle. For the 20-something me, that goal is just too expensive. Although just shortly after that phase, I welcomed healthy living with arms wide open; be it for physique, aesthetics, and just about general well-being, one thing remained: I become a little uneasy when it's time to pay for the cart.

It validates the cliche - health is wealth. But the irony is, most of us do not invest on it thinking it's luxury. (And we're willing to pay for a venti frappuccino for over 200 bucks a drink, meh)

Not going to lie, I'm guilty of that too!

So each time I pop by the store, I would carefully pick items I need. I remember having 5 items at most in my cart and then admire (sometimes get jealous) of shoppers pushing a cart full of goods from the store. How many times have I dreamed of doing that too but then dismiss the idea thinking: these 5 items in my cart are already too expensive.

Fast forward to today, I see myself going back to this store at least twice a month to get stuff for our household needs. Do I fill a cart? Oh yes, my vision came to life! It's not that we tolerate over spending. In fact, I still mentally compute the cost if it fits the budget only this time, I have stronger motivation and purpose than my worry and constraint: family's health.

And for that reason coughing up a few extra pence wouldn't hurt as much as future hospital bills will if I don't prioritize our family's health and well-being today.

Wait, I sound too tita there.

It's okay. I take pure delight in being a tita. It's an age of wisdom anyway.

So listen carefully and consider the next info to be a sage advice from this tita;

here are few of the household stuff I suggest we should spend a little more on.

1. Himalayan Pink Salt - 22oz for P459

"Goodness gracious! 459 for salt? I can get 2kg worth of salt with that amount."

Oh sure you can. But can your body get potassium, calcium, and magnesium plus over 80 trace minerals from that table salt? No. Instead, you strip them off your body and eventually make it need supplements or worst, medications. So if we're talking about saving money here, I guess you figure out by now where to place it.

PS one 15 oz packaging is good for a month in a household of 4 adults and one toddler. A little pinch goes a long way.

Usual grocery finds we buy at Healthy Options

2. All Spice P245

C'mon. Ditch your good old magic sarap, boullion cubes, easy mix, and what else? They're all made with artificial chemicals to imitate real food and it's such a horrible thing if you care about health. Opt for herbs and spices. We can do away with garlic, onions, ginger, peppercorn, pink salt. But if you really want an added flavor, this one's a good pick.

And speaking of flavor enhancer,

3. Tamari or Coconut Aminos

What are they by the way? For starters, these two are great gluten-free alternative to soy sauce. But unlike the popular one, aminos is basically just coconut tree sap and salt which when processed yield to amino acids - the building blocks of protein, a nutrient we need to build muscles, hormones, enzymes, and even antibodies for our immune system.

On the other hand, Tamari is made purely from soybeans which means it's a source of various vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds, such as isoflavones on top of being a rich source of protein.

Can you get these nutrients from a cheap bottle? Nope.

But MSG, coal tar, and other toxic ingredients, yes.

4. Nutritional Yeast P419

If you're a mom, do yourself a favor and boost the nutritional value of your little one's food.

With just a tablespoon of this health food, we can get fiber, protein, B vitamins, zinc, folate and more good stuff for our bodies. Don't worry about the taste, your kids won't notice this in their food. And if you want to boost vitamin C some more, mix it with a malunggay capsule. I personally love VPharma's megamalunggay. Imagine, just a tablespoon of this mix, even your ready to eat soup and noodles will do. Hey, no judgment here :))

But if you're not a mom, consider. We're not sure with the nutritional value (if there is) we get from food these days. Unless of course if all your ingredients are from Healthy Options. ;)

5. Oats

"But we're no fan of oats!"

You don't need to love oats to consider putting it in your cart. The thing is, there are lots of ways we can make good use of oats that it should be a pantry staple.


Mill it and you have a flour rich in fiber, protein, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron.

In a hurry?

Mix with milk and fruits, leave it overnight and you have a tasty breakfast on the go.

Dry and rough skin?


The possibilities are endless.

Baby & Kids

Cereals, snacks, pureed food, candies -- yes, I know I'm strict with sugar for my littles but this Zollipops is not your ordinary sweet treat. It's made without the bad stuff and is made to clean the teeth.

Chilled and Frozen

Drinks, dairy alternatives, meat, eggs, and other farm produce..

Personal Care

Be it for skin, hair, hygiene, you can find something for yourself here.

For skin, they have organized shelves for each type.


No fillers, no additives, no ingredient inconsistencies. Our household is such an avid fan of the vitamins and supplements Healthy Options carry. You'll feel the difference once you switch to the brands they have on their shelves :)


Because what is a healthy body without a healthy mind, right?

In a span of 24 years, Healthy Options' vision of a healthier world has already reached millions of households and changed lives through 32 stores they own and operate nationwide.

It is now possible to live and sustain any lifestyle we choose:

Vegan? Keto? Gluten-free? Organic? Paleo?

Taking control of our health and well-being has never been easier.

And the best thing about that? Healthy Options helps us do it without costing the earth.

I know, I know, some still thinks it's too pricey.

I get messages stating that concern.

Well, we can always save money now and pay the price later or we can invest on our health now and save ourselves from health issues and hospitalization later.

You choose. :)

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