Motherhood: carpe diem with grace

My little Atlas.. while I was busy looking after my own malaise, he distracted me with his own throes. Projectile vomiting; 5 times, after each feed, following the weak and gentle embrace (this snappy #spiritedtoddler rarely gives) and the tired look in his eyes. Bewildered, queasy, and disgusted; as if feeling sorry nana has to clean up after the mess again.

The 5th time made me decide to rush him to the hospital. How lucky we were to be staying at wowa’s house atm and have his **Tati with us. She checked his stats and assured us Atlas is still doing fine despite all the throwing up. I was still worried sick but I had to trust this doctor, who after all, is one of the people who cares the most for Atlas. The IV would have been the easiest way to comfort my disturbed peace of mind, but I’m glad I followed the Dr.’s order and gave in with the idea of considering it the next day.

No 6th vomit happened, quite miraculously. Cause the last time he did, it didn’t seem like it’s going to end soon.

This reminded me again of the strength a mother has; to have their hearts walk, run around, and feel pain out of their chest; to quell their quiet fears even if it pounds the chest; and to know how life can be tough, but carpe diems with grace.

I was also astonished to realize how well #toddlers communicate with their gestures and sounds as I recall everything that happened with Atlas. What a pleasant coincidence friends sent me the same messages saying”nagsasalita na sya huhuhu” and yes, all messages with huhu because HUHU, our little Atlas has grown.

I sometimes wish we could pause the moment and stretch this whole period longer but then I was again reminded of what a privilege it is to be growing with him everyday.


**tati - Atlas being millenial with tita

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