Non-toxic Beauty Q&A 1.1

Last Friday, the MommyBFFs opened our instagram feed to host a Q&A about natural and organic skin care. They let me debunk myths and demystify questions that concern our growing instagram fam.

I love that we were able to shed light on this pressing matter since a lot of people has been expressing their interest in converting to this lifestyle, but still hesitant due to the lack of info available.

So this is how it went:

📷 Zwivel

dnlcfno Good morning! Why is there much pressure nowadays with going the organic route? And how much chemicals go to my body? Is it really alarming?
  • hi! Because nowadays there are a lot of health related issues (talk about cancer, autism, skin issues) that are linked to the ingredients we can find in the food we eat, in the things we use for our homes, and surprisingly, there are a whole lot of these toxins in our skin care products. Yes super alarming!!

marketingmomph How often do I need to put moisturizer? And what is the best type for my skin?
  • Hi Sheryn! It’s best to apply in the morning after washing your face and in the evening before going to bed. For your (combination) skin type, we recommend the grapeseed oil since it’s one of the best oils for oily skin where as for dry skin, it works perfectly fine too. ☺️

wondermomma.ig How do I decode all the ingredients out there on the labels like a pro? It's so confusing! What do I look out for?

As a general skin care rule, if an ingredient sounds otherworldy, that shouldn’t belong in your world!!

lethalgorgeous Are facial oils always better than creams? Or it still depends on the skin type?
  • because most creams are formulated with water, yes. Products with h2o need preservatives to extend shelf life. These preservatives are mostly toxic. Oils on the other hand don’t need preservatives to prolong and increase their potency 😊 But still, when considering facial oils or any other skin care products, look for ingredients you can recognize.

ohhappyrosario What is the usual expiry of natural and organic products? I only know that they tend to be shorter. What's the difference between natural and organic, anyway?
  • hi love! Good question! When you say natural, we’re referring to an item with no artificial whatnots: flavor, color, preservatives. Organic refers to produce grown without pesticides, fertilizers, GMO. Basically, Mangoes in your backyard are organic given you don’t use any agent to make the tree produce fruits. Mango in the market is natural, but not all the time organic. For expiration, yes it’s always shorter. Throughout my research with natural and organic I’ve learned, and I always loved sharing with everybody, that the longer the shelf life of a certain product, the more toxic chemicals are in it. Think of corned beef in a can and legit corned beef ☺️

kirstiekaren Good morning Pretty Mommy Van 😍My skin type is oily and I’m acidic😭 what’s the best skincare you can suggest? Do I still need moisturizer? Can I use facial mist? Please reco organic if you know some brands 😊😘 thank you! 😍
  • hello beautiful!! Make sure you don’t use anything harsh on your skin. But sorry to burst your bubbles, chemical laden products found in supermarket are harsh! Natural products with oils, castille soap, essential oils are your best bet to keep you skin healthy. Re oils and essential oils I highly suggest you consider grapeseed oil / tea tree and lavender to control sebum production. Facial mist, yes! It acts as a skin tonic to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. Make sure it’s toxin free. 😊 and oh, if I’m completely honest, I would recommend Voila.

shishi_cruz Hello Van! 😘 Is there a natural and organic product that is effective in preventing scars for babies? Gabby scratched the ant bite on her legs and it looks like it’s gonna leave a scar ☹️
  • here’s a secret I’ll let you in Shi: vitamin e!! Scars on babies skin will heal overtime even without treatment except if they’re deep! But you can accelerate skin recovery with vitamin e :) There are few brands known here in the Ph but you can try the “belly butter” we have in Voila. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, oils and essential oils to prevent and heal stretchmarks( fo growing belly) and scars. 😊

aieamfitphHi, Van. Which face cleanser is better? Foam type, water-based or oil-based cleanser? I have oily skin.
  • hi Aie! I haven’t heard of a cleanser that’s not water based so far. And that’s actually the reason we created the Post Party Beauty one step skin care in @voilaph because the truth is, washing with water makes our skin ACIDIC. Ever wonder why we need to use toner after every wash? It’s to bring back the natural ph of our skin. Then what, without a moisturizer, toner can dry the skin. So all these cleansing routine is more of a fad. It keeps us in the loop of needing to buy numerous products for our skin when we can take care of it with even the simplest ingredients you can find in your pantry. so to answer your question, oil based is better given that the ingredients are all natural and organic 😊

lizestebanHi Vhen! Can I still put facial masks after I use the Voila! Make Up Remover? :)
  • hi Lizzz! Definitely!! But @voilaph makeup remover is already loaded with beneficial vitamins and anti oxidant to upkeep your skin. So even without the facial mask, your skin gets the best given you exfoliate twice a week. 😘

mommyewwee Hi, what products do you recommend as basic make up for moms who have their babies 24/7. I believed that most commercial products have chemicals that may harsh not just mom’s skin but babies too. For moms who want to look great but still not making risk, what to put as face essentials or on-the-go natural make ups?
  • hello Bovi!! I like this topic but it kinda makes me a wee bit sad too. Cos you see, our choices are quite limited! But here’s another discovery I’d like to share: HONEY BEE GARDENS from @thegreencompany 💚

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