Non-Toxic Beauty Q&A 1.2

I developed fine lines at such early age probably for overusing skin care products which i thought was good for my skin. Turns out it did more harm than good ...

But at least, it's what led me here.

aimeerizaIf I'm going to make the switch to natural alternatives, which beauty and skincare products should be on top of my list? Will my body react to the new adjustment if ever?
  • hi Aimee! Wow that’s great news! Yes your body will react, some say they get breakouts during the first week but it’s actually your body’s way of eliminating toxins from your system. Eventually it’ll clear up and you’d get to enjoy the benefits of a clean and beautiful skin. Basically our skin don’t need much other than cleanse-tone-moisturize and exfoliate twice a week. Just opt for products that have fewer and understandable ingredients on the label.😉

themamamdhello hello! if i have very limited time in the morning before i go to work, what products/regimen should i use or do to get the quickest, best skin care?:)
  • cleanse+tone+moisturize+sunscreen I would shamelessly plug @voilaph ‘s foaming cleanser for the C-T-M because it’s made of potent oils and essential oils good enough to clean, balance, and moisturize your skin. One product, 3 Roles 😉

  • For the sunscreen part please be wary of the brand you choose. It may protect you from the sun FOR NOW, but it leaves not just a nasty gunk on our waters, but also toxic chemicals to our bodies - reason why I stick to my [Shea + rosehip + vco] for my sun protection. LEGIT Eco friendly sunscreen is too rare here in the country! Maybe @thegreencompany can recommend a good one 💚 fingers crossed there’s a tinted sunscreen available para perfect for the momlife

ennisterqsHi! What products do you recommend for me to use since I have an oily skin type? And I still haven't find my shade. Are lip tints okay for mommies to use? Is there anything you can suggest? 😁
  • hi!! Just keep it SIMPLE. Simple ingredients, simple routine. Stick to the Cleanse-tone-moisturize exfoliate twice a week using natural and organic products :) Lip tints are fine. My best bet would be @thehappyorganics lip and cheek tint 😊

jam_pachecoWhat does your skin care routine looks like?😊
  • hey Jam! Let’s put it this way: If my skin care routine would be a dress, it would pretty much be that perfect LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Simple, minimal, versatile but works amazingly. As much as I can I try to avoid washing my face with water cause lest we know, it makes our skin’s ph level very acidic - the root cause of acne, dryness, breakouts and such impurities. So I use @voilaph post party beauty every night to wipe away the day’s dirt and grime off my face and top it off with classic charm skin elixir to ease off my fine lines. The next day I just skip washing my face and spritz on rosewater mist to hydrate my skin. 😊

zaren.r.martinezHi van im almost 3mos post partum. After giving birth my skin becomes very very dry. Esp on my cheeks. Tried argan oil but still no changes. What can u recommend? :)
kitsypatootie_Everyone seems to get into oils. I'm not saying it's a fad. It has become a way of life for many. My question is, are oils like one-size fits all? Are they are good for any skin type or concerns?
  • I couldn’t agree more! While oils are marketed like a holy grail for skin care these days, they actually deserve that much needed attention. There’s an array of highly beneficial oils we can choose from but know that each oil has unique and distinct characteristics that make them work effectively on a certain skin type and not on the other. 😊

miwhimsyelIs water just a filler in cosmetic products? If a product has 75% water, should I buy? More water would mean less room for other ingredients, right?
  • it acts more of a solvent to dissolve ingredients in a product. But the problem with water is, it’s highly susceptible to microbial contamination making the shelf life shorter. If a product formulated with water can last a year or so, it’s because it’s loaded with preservatives in the form of toxic chemicals. 😵 #whyidontuselotions don’t get me wrong though, water isnt the enemy. It’s the preservatives used to make the product last long that we should keep an eye on.

Sorry, one more question. If you can use just one product/ingredient throughout your entire lifetime, what would it be and why (haha 2 questions pala yan).
  • thank you for that quastion (ms universe wave) lol kidding aside, it’s a tie between @voilaph NAPPY SERUM and CLASSIC CHARM skin elixir. We’re gonna need a good tie breaker to let me decide on that. But the versatility of these two is beyond compare.

  • CLASSIC charm for one, i’s made with rosehip oil + frankincense + vit E the very thing that led me to love my skin. I developed fine lines at such early age probably for overusing skin care products which i thought was good for my skin. Turns out it did more harm than good and when I became pregnant, I finally mustered the courage to ditch them and so I discovered oils, rosehip oil. Oh the wonder it did to my skin, I can write an entire article. Plus of the many ingredients were not allowed to use during pregnancy, this one is safe. We can use it for face, thighs, for mid section, for preventing stretchmark, treat scars, impurities, name it

  • NAPPY SERUM naman I always tell people how much it can do. From moisturizing your body, face, as a hair mask, as a treatment for rashes, prevention even, cradle caps, to ease skin allergy, the list just goes on! But wait, I realized i picked NAPPY serum because of the many wonders it can do for me when clearly it’s made for the littles. Oh well If it’s a mum and bub must-have I guess I’d have to pick that above all 😉

dhesdaroyaAm I late na po ba? Hoping hindi pa! Here is my question po... Due to the iud I have, I now have hormonal breakouts unlike before wala naman. What organic products can I use in order to help not to or lessen those breakouts?
  • ohhhh. I get you! while many other factors influence skin issues like stress, environment, diet, hygiene, and as what you said, hormones, we can still minimize the effect by using products that are mild and gentle on the skin. Cos the harsher the product, the more that it triggers breakouts. Try dabbing a drop or two of tea tree oil on the acne to hasten the recovery. Better yet, use products that are specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. Look for ingredients such as Grapeseed oil, Tea Tree and lavender essential Oils. You can never go wrong with @voilaph Matte foaming cleanser 🤗

shecruzcruzWhy do we need to be chemical-free? So I can also make others informed.
  • Unless you want to take in antibiotics, hormone disrupting chemicals, cancer causing agents in your body, natural and organic skin care is a direct vote for your overall health and wellness. It sounds like a scare tactic I know, but that’s because we should be scared. 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by the body and goes through our bloodstream in as fast as 20 seconds. Nowadays it’s really challenging to make natural and organic as a safe choice since almost everything around us seems like a threat; from the food we eat to the things we use on our skin and in our homes. If we could at least minimize all these in our homes, it already makes an effectual choice not just for personal wellness but also for planetary health. That way we’re a step closer to providing a safe and sustainable future for our kids and all the generations to come. ☺️

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