Post C-Section Operation and Breastfeeding

First day post CS operation I Went to the Neonatal ICU to feed Axis. The nurse requested me since he can’t be pacified. He wasn’t given any feedings yet because he had blood in his stool which is alarming so Dr. Certeza ordered NPO and nourish him through IV.

I struggled to get up from the bed, pace my steps, and sit on the wheelchair as I waved goodbye to Annie, Liz, Divine, and family members. If only we can spend more time but my excitement to see and feed Axis were skyrocketing.

I know I have enough for him since my first born, Atlas, never completely stopped feeding. But to my surprise, Axis was fussy and cranky and is seemingly not getting satisfied, one breast after another.

It was frustrating but I kept my cool and assured the nurses who started to doubt if I have milk. They asked me to do hand express to check if there’s milk coming out but there was not a drop of milk, only a small amount of fluid to wet the tip of my nips.


I tried to calm myself but when you see your little one crying out for something you can’t magically give, I bet it’s easier to cry with them instead. So I collected what was remaining in my spirit and handed him over to the nurses to rest and reflect.

That meant sipping hot tea and a mama treats brownie. I also downed one mega malunggay before calling it a day. Issa, The Mama MD reminded me to be patient with myself as my body is still recovering from the major surgery.

That night I included recovery and milk supply in my prayers.

Come morning I took another pill, ate oats with promama for breakfast.

At 9:30 am when I visited Axis in the NICU, he seems to be okay with what he got. Phew.

Went back to my room at 10:30 and After about an hour or so, my breast started feeling heavy.

WOW it’s working!!

Amazingly, the NICU nurse rang in not long after requesting me to breastfeed Axis.

So for the next feeding session at 12nn I brought with me my silicone pump

Axis wasn’t able to finish one breast when he doze off and I was so amazed with the 10ml let down I collected from the other breast.

The problem is, I think I’m having more than what he needs!

3pm next feeding the phone rang in first before I even got to request to be wheeled in to the breastfeeding room. Aba!! he got used to nanay’s milk and was demanding for it.

But feed after feed my breast becomes fuller because of the milk Axis hasn’t finished

I’m at the brink of getting a breastmilk pump of whatever sorts when the next morning at 5am, atlas woke me up from the bed side, wanting to sleep beside me.

There was my savior, a cute, curly and sleepy bonito. I asked him to help Axis finish his milk so nanay won’t have ouchy breast, he happily obliged, latched in an instant, and doze off. And after a few minutes, he asked for the other side.

Case closed!!

No more engorgement

No more fear of mastitis

No impulsive buying of breast pump

Although we’re a bit worried my supply would increase tenfold, at least for now my two little ones are getting the milk they want and need, from me.

These are the things that helped me bounce back overnight:

1. Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

2. Mommy Treats (the best brownies Ever)

3. Herbilogy Breastfeeding Tea

4. Naturali VCO for sore nips

5. Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bags

7. Orange & Peach Milk Saver Pump

8. Tiny Buds Quick Spray Baby Bottle Cleaner - to effectively clean the silicon pump

9. Baby Moby Cotton Pads for cleaning the nips first before feeding

10. Chicco Cleansing Wipes for clean hands, clean phone, basically everything that I touch before holding Axis.

Had I known about these products during Atlas’ time, I might have saved myself from shedding tears over my milk supply.

But oh well, evaluated experience is the best teacher. At least I know better now.

Questions? Feel free to send me a

message or comment below :)

Love and Light.

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