Pregnancy Skin Care: Here's Why and How We Should Keep it Simple

Okay, so basically, I lost count how many times people complimented how I look during this pregnancy. Blooming, glowing, and radiant are just some of the words that make any of my hormonal days a tad brighter.

Would you believe, only 4 people signed up for team boy during the gender reveal? Most of my family and friends thought we're having a girl. Pregnancy glow was real for me I guess. But how I wish I can keep this glow even after I give birth, cause the truth is, I had it on my first pregnancy as well, but immediately lost it after giving birth. So spoiler alert, I have 8 weeks left to bask in this glow before I go back to looking my usual self again. Boo.

Can I look this extra forever without needing to be pregnant all the time?

What our bodies go through in those 9 months and how hormones alter so many things in our system to support the baby's development are just one of the many wonders of pregnancy.

But heads up: It’s not easy physically or emotionally.

I may be getting the glow but this does not exempt me from skin changes and issues like severe dryness and itchies. Not just on one part of my body, but all over! And this is not something new to me. In fact, I went through the same hassle on my first pregnancy that perhaps qualified me to write about How to safely and effectively treat skin issues while pregnant.

Some pregnant mamas on the other hand go through hormonal acne and breakouts, ouch! The common denominator? Hormones -the teeny tiny compounds responsible for the various changes our bodies go through during pregnancy: mood swings, morning sickness, food aversion, skin issues, sensitivities, and the like.

Bursting into tears for no reason? Hormones

Taste and smell changes? Hormones

Weird skin reaction to personal care products? Hormones

I learned the last one the hardest way during my first pregnancy when any skin regimen won't just work its magic. From expensive brands to drugstore finds, nothing seemed to help my skin. As a matter of factly, it became worst.

It turns out that those skin sensitivities were my body's way of telling me that there is something wrong with the products I use and my OB made sure I understood that by advising me against certain chemicals on skin care. So I checked every product in my kit as soon as I got home and surprise! There's nothing I can use anymore.

I hate to break it to you but, all these commercial products we're buying contain nasties that are God-awful detrimental to our health. Especially to that growing life we're carrying!

It's about time we start asking Are your skin care products really taking good care of you? Check the label. and if it contains any of the 12 listed below, then you know the answer very well.

Not only that, these toxins may hide under hundreds of pseudonyms, mind you. So if your skin care product does not contain any of this and you're still in doubt, read the ingredients again. As a general rule of thumb, “anti-aging,” “skin lightening,” “wrinkle creams, ”and “acne creams” often contain unsafe ingredients and should be avoided especially during pregnancy.

So what now, there's nothing else I can use!

That's when I learned how to make my own. I'm not insinuating that you create your own, but why not! Simple ingredients like Olive and Coconut oils are a good start and they might just be sitting in your pantry. That's how I started with Voila! And over the years of reading, research, experimenting, and testing oils, I finally found the solution to my skin issues.

I'm not saying these are the best thing that's ever happened to my skin just because it's my brainchild, but because it really is! So if you're game to step up your skin care regimen without wanting to splurge on ritzy products that eventually won't work (trust me, I've been there, done that), read on.

1. Exfoliate with Coffee + VCO twice a week

Since these two ingredients are already super, I leave them on til morning to make sure my skin absorbs the antioxidants. Never fails to make my skin soft, hydrated, and healthy. However, this regimen is so messy and it leaves a stain on my sheets. Hence, the coffee scrub bar.

Lightly scrub after cleaning your face and leave on overnight.

2. Spritz, Spritz, Spritz Anytime of the Day

Instead of washing and moisturizing, I mist with this Soothing and Refreshing Face Mist instead.

I hear you asked why. Well three reasons:

1. As much as possible, I try to avoid washing my face with hard tap water as it contains high level of minerals which may be harsh to our skin.

2. Moisturizers contain water in the formulation which makes it susceptible to bacteria growth. The solution? Heaps of preservatives which are toxic to our bodies just to extend the shelf life of the product.

3. With this face mist, you do not only moisturize skin, but also hydrate, tone, and protect it at the same time sans the heavy and sticky feeling.

BONUS: it sets your make up and make it last throughout the day.

3. Keep it Simple for Bedtime

I'm well aware of the importance of remove makeup - cleanse - tone - moisturize - boost routine before calling it a day, but as a mom, I also know how important it is for us to maximize the time we have left. Hence, the Post Party Beauty.

On makeup days, make sure to remove any residue and then you can go to dreamland (until your little one wakes you up to latch).

On some days I feel the need to boost my skin some more, I apply three drops of Skin Elixir and massage it on my face.

That simple?

Yes. That simple. Lest people know, I'm pretty low maintenance with my routine, but that doesn't mean I'm not picky with what I use. Two years of using these products, and I never had my skin this good! It's actually why I braved to put it out on the market; to spread the good word about oils and essential oils and how little is needed to take extra care of our skin especially when pregnant.

So about this glow? I pretty much owe it to preggo hormones plus this skin care routine.

Those pesky skin issues may have been pestering me but I can't thank them enough because it let me to discover these products. And I can't go places without these three items ever since.

YES, only these 3!

That means more space in the luggage and less time to pack;

more good stuff for the skin and zero toxins.

So for that healthy glow (pregnant or not),

it's oil you need.

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Happy Valentine's and Good Luck!

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