Fresh, Gourmet Groceries Everyday of the Week? Rustan's Marketplace is now on Honestbee!

Weekends, without a doubt are when groceries and supermarkets are busiest; it's when everyone finds time to run errands. I'm no exception to that!

But I've learned that if you want to avoid crowds, the best time to shop is on Mondays or Tuesdays. But then, most of the freshest stocks might be gone by that time especially after a sale and/or a promotion!

Well guess what? We no longer have to choose between skipping the crowds or get the freshest produce! All we have to do is:


Yes, this bee is pulling out all the stops to make grocery shopping easy and convenient for us, everyday of the week!

Adding to the roster of specialty stores, now Honestbee brings Rustan’s Marketplace closer to our homes. Think of the best and freshest gourmet offerings in just a tap away.

Shopping for food has never been more easy and pleasurable, now we can squeeze in more things to do on weekends, with HonestBee

Just download the honestbee app for free via Apple or Google Play Store, sign up and register, and you're ready to shop!

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