Say Goodbye to Harsh Astringents, Harsh scrubs, and Oil Blotting Papers (..and never ever look back)

If you're one of the many people who will dry their oily skin out with astringents and harsh products, stop. Your skin deserves better than that.

We understand. "Oiliness is next to ugliness". There's nothing about having oily, acne-prone skin that can make you feel better. It's visually unappealing and it makes you very prone to blemishes.

So the next logical thing to do is combat this issue by stripping the oils. The tighter the feeling, the better. But nope. Truth is, the tighter it feels, the dryer it is.

When we do that, we are dehydrating our skin making it more prone to fine lines, breakouts, and I hate to break it to you but, more oil. It's because our body is brilliantly designed that it always compensates for what is lacking. And because the equilibrium is disrupted, your skin can't just stop producing more oils and next thing you know, there's a large zit on your forehead.

Counter-intuitive it may seem You need More Oils for Oily skin. Like dissolves like and for that matter, natural face oils can help dissolve excess sebum and grease on your skin while providing vitamins and antioxidants without the risk of side effects.

Although oils are highly beneficial to our skin, not oils are created equal. Some are perfect fit for dry skin, others for oily and acne prone, while there are also kinds for easing signs of aging.

For oily and blemish-prone skin types, the ideal texture is light and silky which is non-greasy and evaporates quickly. Women's Health

It is also advised to stick to oils with low comedogenic rating of 0-2. Go higher than that number, you get higher chances of breakouts, because comedogenic means pore clogging.

So what are the best oils for oily skin type? The answer is just a scroll away.

Carrier Oils

1. Grapeseed Oil

✔️Helps lock-in moisture

✔️Helps alleviate dry skin and acne

✔️Rich in beta-carotene, and vitamins D, C and E

✔️Helps balance your body’s natural oil production and prevent it from producing excess oil

✔️Quickly penetrates the skin due to its light and thin consistency

✔️Non-comedogenic / 0

2. Rosehip Oil

✔️Doubles as antioxidants

✔️Full of essential fatty acids (80 percent omegas 3 and 6)

✔️Calms and soothes skin

✔️Helps treat scars and uneven skin tone

✔️Easily absorbed

✔️Comedogenic Rating - 1

3. Jojoba Oil

✔️Perfect carrier oil for oily skin

✔️Molecular structure which is similar to our own natural sebum

✔️Tricks the skin to stop the overproduction of oils

✔️ Extremely light, fast absorbing, never feels greasy

✔️Adds a natural-feeling of hydration

✔️Comedogenic Rating - 2

4. Argan oil 

✔️High in essential fatty acids and vitamin E

✔️Ideal for scars and problem skin

✔️Helps decrease oil production over time

✔️Helps nourish and moisturize the skin without encouraging excess sebum production

✔️Non-comedogenic / 0

5. Emu Oil

✔️Very similar to our skin’s essential fatty acid ratios

✔️High levels of omegas help to gently nourish and moisturize the skin.

✔️Absorbs very well into the skin

✔️Reduces inflammation, pain, and redness

✔️Comedogenic Rating– 1

Although these carrier oils mentioned are effective enough on its own, we can enhance its potency by diluting essential oils with it. Coincidentally, these active EOs cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin unless it is contained in a carrier oil. So for a soothing and acne fighting oil blend, these antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory essential oils are best diluted in carrier oils suggested above.

Essential Oils

6. Tea Tree Essential Oil

✔️Can breakup the build up of oil, dirt or debris

✔️Clears clogged pores by penetrating the blockage between your skin and glands

✔️Helps reduce redness, irritation, and swelling – which will help shrink pimples faster

✔️Great alternative for benzoyl peroxide

7. Geranium oil 

✔️Helps control oil production

✔️Regulates sebum production so is great for congested skin types

✔️Tightens skin

✔️Promotes blood circulation

✔️Helps heal acne scars

✔️BONUS: Calms the senses for its therapeutic effect

8. Peppermint Essential Oil

✔️Controls the secretion of excess oil

✔️Prevents clogging of pores

✔️Prevents outbreak of acne

✔️Has antiseptic properties that kill acne causing bacteria

✔️Reduces acne inflammation and reduces the size of acne

9. Lavender Essential Oil

✔️Soothes and calms breakouts

✔️Soothes and nourishes the skin — treating acne, healing dry skin

✔️Reduces the appearance of dark spots and scars caused by acne

✔️Reduces stress and anxiety that are associated with acne breakouts

10. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

✔️Helps skin retain moisture while fighting acne

✔️Balances sebum production and calms blemishes

✔️Softens fine lines and improves skin elasticity

✔️Perfect for those with combination skin or adult acne

11. Rosemary Oil

✔️Balances sebum levels of oily skin

✔️Cleans out dirt and other impurities that can clog pores

✔️Can help refresh oily skin without causing excess dryness

A Gentle Reminder

Natural oils may be one of the best-kept beauty secrets there is. With proper and regular use, an improved appearance of oily skin as well as an improved overall health is guaranteed. On the contrary, overuse may cause irritation and may destroy the beneficial oil and bacteria that naturally occurs on the skin.

Aside from that, experts advise ample hydration, diet, and sleep to rebalance our body's physiology and to allow our skin to absorb the ingredients.

One last thing, the next time you're tempted to wipe oils off your face, consider adding More Oils for Oily Skin first, okay?

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