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We usually spend our holy week in Baguio with the B clan, at the Baguio B-Hive. While it's a full week spent with family for a fun and refreshing break, every vacation spells out heavy loads of #motherhood duties. And what better way to kick off the hood other than, ugh, packing. By that I mean, trying to fit the entire house in 2 luggages, 2 back packs, and one cooler bag. Well anyway, after the usual "trying to outsmart the packing list" scene, I suddenly remembered I'm missing out one thing -- kulambo!! What lola vibe is this again Vanessa???

Well for a starter, I don’ t know if you noticed, but mosquitoes in Baguio are big and when they bite, it really stings!! Ugh. Imagine if these disease carrying insects lay their infested antenna to your baby’s delicate skin. Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how effective our trusty repellant is, these mini vampires get through the layers of product we lather which only leaves us asking how, when, and where! On my case, when it's too late and my bonito's skin started swelling. His skin is over reactive to insect bites -- my valid excuse for needing kulambo.

But what are the odds! I only asked for kulambo but life gave me this!! See, life is good!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know how I always try to outsmart my packing list by cutting off items we can do without. So how did Hanns Insect Trap made it to my list?

Well first, it is super lightweight! At only 909g, it sure is one tough device for pesky mosquitoes. And while it seems flimsy when you hold it, momsh, I was able to road test its well-built exterior. If you have a toddler, you’ll know how sturdy a device is by just showing it to them!

I love how it’s so low maintenance. Easy to use and easy to assemble: You just plug it in, twist or rotate handle until you hear it click, and see the blinds open, then it starts doing its job.

photo ctto

The blue light which attracts insects makes a good night lamp while the soft whirring sound provides a subtle white noise effect. Perfect accessory for baby’s room.

photo ctto

I checked the cage after using it overnight, and found 2 Baguio mosquitoes and one unidentified flying insect. Imagine if we didn’t have the insect trap. That pesky mosquito could have bitten us or anyone, spread germs, and multiplied!

Oh and yes, we used it over night for the rest of the week and it did not overheat.

We slept through the night peacefully, knowing we're safe from mosquitoes without needing pesticides, or over using insect repellant, or even without the kulambo.

Truly a must especially that we live in the tropics with weather which allows virus to incubate faster in mosquitoes; which makes it easier for them to transmit diseases.

Protect your homes from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry with Hanns.

  • No Pesticides

  • Odor Free

  • Used by Professionals

  • Easy Set Up

  • Captures other flying insects

  • Water and dust proof

  • Protects up to 645 sq.ft / 60 sq. m

TIP: You can catch a good deal on Lazada.

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