Thick, long lashes .. and wait there's more!

Owwkay. Because I’m in such good spirits, I’m letting you in on a secret my sister and I share. We've been sharing almost everything; makeup, clothes, food, books, music, ideas, and even the desire to have long, and thick, ooh la lashes. Hers was already beautiful and lush to begin with. I mean, look at that!


And then she'd humbly tell me, it's the serum I made for her that did the trick. I never really bought it until the third time she mentioned; that time she asked me to make her 15 tubes of serum.

If not for her, I wouldn't really consider making the tubes for Voila. It's not that I'm not confident with my product, it's just that, I don't want to sell it unless I've proven that it actually works, not just for me! Because honestly, I know how bare brows and thin lashes can make most women feel insecure with how they look. If you're new to this then take note: your brows frame your face and if done nicely, add sparks to your eyes; lovely eyelashes will make them look even better. Not only does having these two complete your looks fabulously, but they can also enhance your features even with less makeup.

LESS MAKEUP yes. My answer each time I'm asked why I look nowhere near 27.

So going back, I've been an avid user of the lash serum since we validated the good reviews but I had to stop from time to time because it's so effective, my lashes are growing crazy fast. Plus. I think I already achieved the ideal length and thickness for my lashes, thank you.

To be honest, it took weeks before we saw results. I should persuade you and say that shouldn't be a big deal but it is BIG DEAL!

You're putting on a product on your skin, a few centimeters above the thinnest skin on your face; near your eyes, near the area prone to crow's feet and fine lines. A product made of castor oil which is known to help fight signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

A product made of pure and natural ingredients known to hydrate the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on top of promoting healthy hair growth.

And you're leaving it on your skin every night.

BIG DEAL right?

Voila! Lush Lashes

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