Visible Internet: Visible Parenting in the Digital Age

During my last year as a mentor in the university, I have witnessed how technology has changed young people in ways we can only imagine. It struck a chord on me when one time, I capped my marker, ready to call it a day and erase everything I wrote on the board when my students suddenly panicked and exclaimed “wait maam!!!!!” in chorus, smart phones ready, then snapped a photo of the whiteboard.

That’s us now.

Technology + internet just opened a gateway to endless possibilities. However good and advantageous, most is downright dangerous to young people.


Among the many worries experts stressed about technology and internet, one of the biggest concerns is how it isolated children from parents and how it has frayed the family fabric while changing the dynamics in the family. It goes to show how vast and immense the world wide web is that not even the smartest filtering techniques or the access restrictions are enough to keep young people off the influence of complex internet issues.

It all boils down to the fact that we parents should remain the guiding influence in our kids’ lives, moreso their internet lives so that they can make better choices and reap the benefits internet activity offers. It doesn’t necessarily mean we hover over our child’s activity 24/7, because now, speaking of advancements, there’s a smart way we can do that:

“Visible Internet” app a tool designed around parent-child relationships in the digital age.

"Visible Internet comprises a number of components all interlinked and working together as a technology bridge between parents and children, producing a magical outcome by helping parents understand what is truly going on in the lives of children."
“Its seamless integration into the busy lives of parents means little hassle on their part, yet allowing them to be present in the crucial years of childhood development.”

Tony Fawaz, CEO and founder of Visible internet

Here’s how it works:

  • Installing the child app enables parental access to the location and screen activity of the child's device

  • The parent app user-interface is formatted making interaction with the child easy, fun, and informative

  • The parent can pinpoint the child's location and view all the internet activity on demand or regular intervals

  • The images are broadcasted to the parent app as camera role images that can be expanded for easy viewing and logged as historical data

Amazing how this app helps us stay involved in our child's internet use while integrating our parenting principles. It provides us easy and convenient ways to monitor our kids online thus, allowing us to lead and direct them away from the internet’s negative and distracting influence.

The end result? Children leading strong and productive lives - exactly what we wish our kids will grow up to be. Right, momsh?

My little one just turned two and I know I should be more concerned with things appropriate for his age like potty training, but with all the mischiefs we hear and read about young people and the internet, I can't help but feel worried. How worse can it get years from now?

And then we were introduced to this cool, convenient, and logical Visible Internet app. So I remembered, hey the glass is half full! In fact, great things are here!

Connectivity and modern technology hold a vast potential, but it is up to us, parents to make internet access a safe and enriching avenue so that it can help our kids in their growth and development.

Let's #BeVisible mommas!

Visible Internet App can be downloaded on IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Chrome devices

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