What's to love about Anchor Milk?

Few days ago I had a wholesome brunch with fellow moms over an open discussion about nutrition and why milk is important to meet our dietary needs.

It was a day out of the ordinary, reflecting about motherhood, telling stories, sharing wisdom about being a parent, and taking care of the family; a heartwarming experience I didn't expect I'd encounter in a brand awareness campaign.

I went home so full of everything; fresh ideas, goals, friendship, hopes, wisdom,

and what have you.

But of all the things I learned and was reminded of, these are some that marked:

  1. It’s normal for any mom to be OC about food and nutrition. It is after all a requirement for a child’s healthy growth and development.

  2. Moms need a constant reminder to also keep an eye on our own needs.

  3. Milk (whole milk) is an excellent source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help our kids grow strong in mind and body, as well as maintain our own health.

  4. To make sure we feed our bodies the right nutrition, we have to carefully read the label

  5. When it comes to food choice, less (ingredients on the nutritional label) is more.

Being a self-confessed OC mom, checking the label is always the first thing I do when choosing brands. However OC I am, with milk, it's different.

It's milk after all, what could be inside the box aside from of course, milk.

Good thing JV Salamat, Nutrition Manager of Anchor Philippines, asked us to look at the box and check the ingredients. As expected, we found only one ingredient in Anchor Full Cream Milk. She stressed that milk naturally provides high-quality protein which has all essential amino acids and disease-fighting antioxidants so there is no need for any additive to boost the nutritional value therein.

Curious, I went to a nearby grocery right after the event to check and compare Anchor with a brand that I liked. Look at the comparison.

left: Anchor Full Cream Milk ・right: brand x

While all brands promise the best nutritional value, only a few has access to deliver that promise in the most natural way. Trying hard does pay off, however, for some, it doesn’t come so natural they have to resort to second-rate practices like “fortifying” or adding SYNTHETIC vitamins and minerals that are not completely bio available for our bodies to absorb.

What a relief it is in our part to have Fonterra - a company that champions the better cause; one which is committed to ensure all of their products meet the highest food safety and quality standards.

And how do they do that?

Their integrated grass to glass supply chain means that they have full control over each step of the production process. From their farming standards in New Zealand to the rigorous assessments their farm dairy undergoes, to animal welfare, to sustainable farming practices,complying with these strict conditions is a testament that they put in a good word for delivering the highest quality dairy products to customers and consumers around the world. 

So glad Fonterra is the “big cheese” behind Anchor milk; the true champion of real and pure dairy in the Philippines.

Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk, Anchor Low Fat UHT Milk, andAnchor Family Milk Choco

Anchor firmly believes that each of us can harness our full potential through proper nourishment and understands the vital role whole dairy nutrition plays in meeting this need. All the more reason for the company to make sure they help provide the right dairy nourishment our bodies need through the most natural source.

No wonder millions of families around the world trust Anchor for their pure & natural whole dairy goodness for over 100 years.

📷 Rachelle Carpio

With Anchor, I can rest assured that I give my body and my family the right nutrition through a secure source of quality milk.

Taste, nutrition, quality, value - truly with Anchor, there is #AWholeLotToLove

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