When life is overwhelming, "Live a little" more

I just rocked my 13kg toddler to sleep, out of the third tantrum he’s thrown today. It’s been an exhausting part of our day lately and when you just got back on your feet, recovering from flu your toddler passed onto you, it won’t take too much scrying (#momterm :screaming+crying) before you snap out.

I know I said I’d always choose to soothe an overtired high-spirited toddler than to nurse a sick one, well that remains true, but some days we need a time out from momming a little human with supersized emotions; from the to-do list we’re not even sure we drafted; from other concerns apart from home.

And all these things seem big and overwhelming until I met mommy Yolanda who gave birth to baby Levi at 26 weeks. Too early for his feeble body to adapt outside mommy's womb hence the medical complications. At such an early age, #LevilittleLionheart had already gone through several procedures and now his parents are waiting for the result of his liver biopsy.

I can only imagine what mommy Yolanda and daddy Luis are going through right now.

I remembered how I cried my eyes out when I was told we can't bring Atlas home for the next 10 days yet; how I would secretly wipe my tears when it's time to return him to the NICU after visiting him; how I would lose sleep counting the days til I finally bring him home. While these parents have been patiently waiting for their little Levi for 11 weeks now; ardently praying for the best case scenario, that any concern may be resolved the easiest way possible.

And they're doing it with such positive and hopeful spirits.

"...these parents are going through something that brings about emotions that are impossible to describe to somebody who hasn’t been through it. The ups and downs of each day, sometimes each hour, the worry, the medical care, the exhaustion all takes its toll ......

I can't be grateful enough that Des and Maricel of The Parenting Emporium invited me to the fundraiser they hosted with GummyBox yesterday. Meeting Levi's parents and hearing their story was like a spank from the universe for fussing about my high spirited toddler throwing tantrums over taking a bath or protesting with naptime, when there are far more significant things to worry about.

It reminded me that

1. A little help goes a long way.

Cath Marzan, a banker by profession, without any relation to Mommy Yolanda and daddy Luis, brought Levi's situation to TPE's attention as soon as she finds out about it. And just like the parenting community that TPE promises it is, they were quick to respond with all the help they can give. Hats off also to gummybox.ph and courageouslight, 100% of the proceeds from the boxes they sold goes to baby Levi's medical expenses; and of course to the moms who went and showed their support. Now that's #faithinhumanityrestored

2. You can't go wrong with being positive

Having faith and a positive disposition is everyhing in times like this when hope seems frail. What seems to be an earth shattering experience only became an inspiration for these parents to strengthen their faith. While they have every reason to sulk, they chose to lift each other up and rise above the situation. Guess what? It brought them to kind hearted people and to baby Levi's series of successful procedures. I'm quite sure there's more good things coming their way especially with our prayers and love because.......

3. As long as "#Parenthoodshared" is practiced, the world is a better place,

The fight isn't over yet! Mommy Yolanda and Daddy Luis still needs our help.

Prayers are more than enough, but if you'd be so willing, here's where we can donate.

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